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Doggy daycare & Grooming

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Exceptional dog daycare at great prices

We'd love to have your dog come to play! We don't require you to commit to a minimum amount of days - you can come as little or as much as you'd like. We appreciate you giving us at least a day's notice when you want to bring your dog in.


Check out our Frequent Barker packages (prices exclude tax):

Make sure you have a pristine pet

Prices for grooming start at $25 and vary according to size and weight of dog, hair length and condition, and temperament of the dog and of course, service requested.


Bath and Basic:

Includes bath - using premium shampoo, fluff drying, brush out, ear cleaning and nail clipping


"Tidy Up":

Bath and Basic, plus pads shaved, sanitary clip, face and

feet neatened.


Full Groom:

All the above plus full style hair cut/clip. Talk to us

for details.


We also offer a de-shedding treatment, starting at $10, to be added to the bath or grooming service.  


A la carte services:

Nail trim (includes filing) - $12.75

Ear cleaning - $10

Anal expression - $15


There is a charge of $50 an hour for brushing out a matted dog's coat.

"Love this place!! We can't say "Doggy Daycare" or "Puppy Patch" around our GSD Daisy or she's looking for her leash!."

- Elisabeth B.

We let your dog learn and play!

We can host a party for your special pooch for $130. This includes the cake, party favors, games and prizes for up to 3 hours. Just want a cake for that special pooch and their special occasion? We can provide homemade, all natural, dog-friendly cakes. We'll also take pictures of your dog, which make a great gift!

  • 1 Day - $37

  • 5 Day - $175

  • 10 Day - $340

  • 20 Day - $673

  • 30 Day - $976

  • 50 Day - $1480

The 20 day package comes with a free day of daycare, 30 day comes with 2 free days, and the 50 day pass comes with 3 free days!


There is no expiration on these packages but if we have not seen your dog in 5 months or more, we may ask that another evaluation be set up.


A half day is $21.50 and consists of any 5-hour block.  Packs of 10 for $195, and 20 for $370 are available.        We also offer an hourly rate of $5.00 for up to 3 hours.