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Learn about how we got started!

Linda Wisniewski, owner of The Puppy Patch, has, like most of us, been a dog lover for as far back as she can remember. Around 2002, the decision was made to leave the office job make this passion to be with dogs her new career.  


Initially, The Puppy Patch began as a pet sitting business - going to people's homes to care for their pets - dogs, cats, birds, horses, you name it, getting some hands on experience as the groundwork was being laid for the opening of a doggy daycare. This "research" included visiting other daycares, talking to the owners and staff, attending seminars, dog shows, trade shows and anything else dog related. Online sites, including daycare facilities and other dog related businesses from other areas, were good sources of information, and, closer to home, the people and resources at the Small Business Development Center at Raritan Valley College were a tremendous help.


The result is The Puppy Patch, a place to bring your dogs for the day, where they will be safe and loved, and where they will have a good time. The focus is on maintaining a clean and comfortable environment, with plenty of supervised opportunities for play.


Other services were added for the convenience of customers, such as a full service grooming and a retail area.

Quality people and caring staff

Kim D'Alessio has become an important part of our crew here over the last few years. She has a natural way with the dogs and has always given her all to whatever was asked of her whether it was cleaning, grooming, supervising the dogs or organizing some of our spaces. As a result, she can handle just about all areas here at The Patch. And we let her!

" I take my dog Rusty at least two times a week. I say to Rusty, "Do you want to see the doggies?" And he loses his mind. He is so excited that he runs to the car to have me take him. Management is wonderful and flexible."

- A happy customer

Meet the rest of our staff

Denise Dobranski, came to us with experience as a pet sitter, going into people's homes to take care of whatever pets needed her attention. She continues here by caring and supervising our four legged crew. Now they come to her!


Mel Lookhoff has had her work cut out for her, helping

out here a few hours a week while putting herself through nursing school. Her dedication shows in her work in

both areas.


Grace Irons, started with us already having experience working in a doggy daycare. She fit right in immediately and her "dog sense" was an immediate asset to our team.


Ashley Jacobs. Another great addition to our team, Ashley also comes to The Puppy Patch an experienced dog daycare worker. She and her friend Grace are terrific together - the dogs just love them!


Zoe Narvaez. It's not easy to keep up with the cleaning around here, but Zoe consistently rises to the occasion

to do her part, even when she has to come here right

from school.


Audra Malcolm has been taking on all areas of work at The

Patch, in addition to handling 2 other part-time jobs.

Dedicated and hard workers are always appreciated!

Our Mission Statement

The Puppy Patch is committed to contributing to

the general well being and health of dogs in the

local community.


The Puppy Patch will provide loving attention, supervised exercise and socialization for dogs in a

safe, clean and fun environment.

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